brand-cover1.jpg European Gourmet Issue 13

Since 1895, Lorina has been produced in Munster, a small provincial village in the Northeast of France. Since then, 3 generations of “Maîtres Limonadiers” have passed on their “savoir-faire,” producing a uniquely French Artisanal Soda. Lorina is carefully crafted using a secret family recipe, in a time honored and traditional method. The “All-Natural Artisanal” Sodas are bottled daily, using only the best ingredients & natural fruits flavors. Lorina only uses pure crystal sugar from natural cane and beet sugar, never using high-fructose corn syrup. The carbonation comes from a natural spring surging from the Vosges sandstone. Enjoy the “Unique Lorina Experience,” with its delicate “champagne” bubbles, which will refresh and delight the palate.